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Your Trusted Source For Damage Restoration

USA Water & Fire is a highly qualified loss management company specializing in cleaning and restoration, structural damage repair, and in the coordination and organization of all types of fire, water and smoke damage matters. With over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of cleaning, remediation, carpentry and claims adjustment, USA Water & Fire is the one solution to all of your loss recovery needs.

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After a fire, flood or windstorm has occurred, it is your obligation to protect your property from further damage. At USA Water & Fire, our 24 Hour Emergency Service crew stands prepared year round to perform board ups, water extractions and dry-outs, mold prevention, roof tarping, system draining, and much more.

If your personal or business property is at risk, USA will move quickly to pack-out and transport your effects to our private, climate controlled storage facility. While safely stored, your property will be professionally handled by our staff of restoration technicians and treated with the latest in cleaning and deodorization technologies.

USA Water & Fire's computer technicians will begin immediate restoration and data recovery on all salvageable computer and electronic equipment.

Our fabric care team will immediately remove from the loss site all clothing, drapery and linens for professional dry-cleaning, laudering and storage.

Now that you have protected your property from further damage, you will need to commence on the assessment of damages incurred to your home or business.

If your loss requires you to become displaced, USA Water & Fire's relocation service will begin extensively searching its real estate network for a property comparable in both size and in quaility to your own. Once located, USA will move all of your personal or business effects to the new location without delay.

In addition to your relocation costs, USA will track and record all of your additional living and business interruption expenses. We will prepare on your behalf a complete accounting report, ready for submission to your insurance carrier. This report will include all extra expenses incurred by you as a result of your loss.

Our structural damage team will prepare an itemized, detailed building damage estimate in full compliance with the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. In the meantime, USA Water & Fire's personal property inventory specialists will begin cataloging all personal or business effects requiring cleaning or replacement. We will provide you with a comprehensive contents estimate also ready for submission to your insurance company.

As you may not have time to re-visit the loss site or our storage facility, we will provide digital photography and videography so that you can review progress.

Now that your home or business is protected and your loss is well documented, USA's Cleaning and Damage Repair experts are ready to begin the structural restoration process.

Whether it be power washing the exterior of the building, chemically cleaning and treating the interior walls, sandblasting, soda blasting, or ice blasting the framing, or removing damaged structural components, all evidence of the loss will be completely eliminated.

Using nothing but the finest quality materials and highest standards of craftsmanship, USA Water & Fire's professional crew of skilled tradesmen can now begin repairing and rebuilding your home or workplace. From the peek of your roof to your basement floor, our professionals will strive for your complete satisfaction.

Once your building is complete, USA will return all of your personal effects from our storage facility to your home or office.

With USA's complete loss management process, all of these necessary services are performed for you with no delay!

Learn how USA Water & Fire can help your family or business through the challenging damage restoration process. Please fill out the form below to receive our "Restoring Your Property, Restoring Your Life" PDF.

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We are standing by 24/7 to assist you in your recovery process.

National Assistance

If you have suffered a loss due to a natural disaster, please do not hesitate to contact our nationwide disaster recovery team. USA Water & Fire can help provide disaster assistance anywhere within the contiguous United States.